Wedding photography is the one of the most important parts of your wedding day. The aim of wedding photography is to hold the emotions and memories of your big day, and capture all the important moments during the day. Once you got engaged and start to plan your big day, there are so many things to consider. Which venue you will chose, what colour scheme you want for your wedding decoration and bridesmaid outfits, what flowers to choose for your bouquet, what flavour your cake will be, etc. One of the biggest decisions, however, has got to be your wedding photography. Before deciding whom to book as your wedding photographer, it is very important to consider what kind of photography style you like and want on your wedding day.

Wedding photography is an art that celebrates a very series of special moments in time. You want to choose your wedding photography style based on what you want to capture, how you want it to look, and how much money you want to spend. I would like to help you make your choice, by explaining a little bit about the different styles and giving you an idea of what they will look like in terms of wedding photographs.

Traditional Wedding Photography

Traditional wedding photography includes multiple poses, mostly with the couple and guests facing the camera in a neutral position. These photographs are less preferred in the present day as most modern couples don’t like posing for photos. However, this type of photography style is still incredibly effective.

Contemporary Wedding Photography

Contemporary wedding photography captures a lot of detail and concentration. With this design, you can have multiple people captured in a single photo as well as multiple locations such as inside a church or in an open space field with beautiful hills in the background. This kind of contemporary photography resembles almost real-life where different parts are painted onto various backgrounds to create these visual effects that aren’t available anywhere else!

Fine Art Wedding Photography

Fine art is a contemporary style of photography that involves taking the time to get creative with unique photographs. This wedding style uses unique locations and ideas which really make your photos stand out from all the others.

Fine art wedding photographers will go above and beyond to find those perfect locations, perfect angles, ensuring every single detail is perfect on the photo and the veil just falls naturally but yet very dramatically.

Photojournalistic Wedding Photography

Photojournalism involves creating pictures that have the feeling of a story behind them, where your photographer can capture those moments in time and hold that memory for you forever. This category also seeks out somewhere as natural-looking or abstract but with strong details which is why this style often has its photography shooting outdoors, under high amounts of light at times whilst other factors such as patterns appear when printed onto photographs for finding imaginative ideas!

Lifestyle Wedding Photography

This style is about embracing day-to-day life vs. going for the cliché idea of having a wedding photoshoot with castles & fairy-tale elements. What better way than adding into your wedding photographs how you spend most of your time in nature, fishing on the banks, or just chilling by water. The aim isn’t always about ‘wedding photography for beginners’ as this can sometimes give it that whole multi-cultural feel ‘everywhere’s different’. If you’re feeling adventurous and up for a change then this is perfect if something as random & bold comes to mind.

Documentary Wedding Photography

Now, this might seem a bit ‘out there’ if you’re not used to thinking outside of the box but somehow it seems to work as something quite inspiring or influential when putting together your photographs. It’s somewhat different & fun depending on how creative you want them looking – so instead of being predictable, try out ideas that otherwise wouldn’t have been thought of!


It’s good to have some ideas in mind whether you’re from the Berkshire, or from further afro! Searching for the right wedding photographer and photo style for you is important, so consider your options and choose wisely. There are SO many photographers out there and it can be very difficult deciding which ones to choose with each offering something different (and therefore special). So if you have chosen your style you can narrow down the list of available photographers to the ones that specialize in your style is best of all.

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