Berkshire Portrait Photographer

I love being a Berkshire portrait photographer! Portrait photography is sometimes considered stiff and rigid. I look at it like a blank canvas where I can create the perfect image. Instead of a paintbrush, I use my camera lens. Portraits are simply snapshots in time. Even if they are slightly posed, I can still draw emotion from them. As a Berkshire portrait photographer, I love what I do and sharing my skills with my clients.

Nothing makes a portrait more beautiful than a smile full of laughter or a child's look of complete curiosity. The most beautiful images are those that are posed but still spontaneous. No matter what type of photo session you are looking for, I can put together a photo shoot that will bring out the best in every member of your family, from the smallest child to the oldest grandparents.

Family Photography

Family portraits are my absolute favourite images to take as a Berkshire family photographer. I get to show the sheer joy of what it means for a family to share themselves with one another. Infants, toddlers, and children of all ages can begin to show their true personalities. The anxiousness of expectant parents or the proud smile of grandparents as they are surrounded by their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

Families come in all sizes and shapes. I love getting to know my families and finding out what makes each group of people so special. No two families are alike. Many families love the outdoors, while others may prefer to have their portraits taken in their own homes so their pets can be included.

Newborn Photography

As a Berkshire newborn photographer, I understand those first precious days of life hold an innocence that is soon lost. When I get called to take newborn photos, I try to take them as soon after the birth as possible. During a newborn shoot, I can use a variety of props provided by the parents that will make each shoot unique to them.

Including parents in the newborn shoot is something I love. It shows the first bonds being made that will connect the parents and child throughout their lives. In my studio, I have the ideal setup for taking newborn photos I love capturing baby pictures. From the lights to the soft textures, I am fully prepared to welcome your newborn home.

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Maternity Photography

Whether you are first-time parents or you are waiting on the birth of your fifth child, every pregnancy is different. The hope of the future is on the horizon for the little family and I am there to capture those first glimmers of light.

Maternity pictures are not for everyone, but for those who want them, I do my best to capture every emotion and feeling associated with both the love that created the child as well as the parents' anticipation of waiting for the birth of their child.

Older Babies

Older babies and toddlers are the most fun for a portrait photographer. They are completely spontaneous and can go from a bright smile or laugh to a full-on cry in a matter of seconds. I get to use my creativity to intrigue and excite, to spark the many faces and emotions they are capable of.

Older babies love toys that make noise. There is truly nothing better than watching parents prance around and make noise just so they can get THE look from their child. It makes for the perfect portrait session.

Cake Smash

The cake smash portrait! Oh my! What better moment to capture your child at their happiest. Smashing a cake with their bare hands can bring out the best in your child. Eating food and making a mess and being able to enjoy every minute of it! It doesn't get any better than that. Children can do the most amazing things when you let them simply play.


Headshots are a form of professional photography that requires a professional background. While they can be taken outside or in a commercial environment, a studio background is sometimes the best option. With headshot photography, I can help you create the perfect headshot. I enjoy being able to bring out the best in each of my clients as they introduce themselves to their peers. As a Berkshire headshot photographer, I can provide you with professional photos that will work with any type of business.


Engagement shoots capture the first steps on the journey to forever. Many engagement shoots are taken outside of the studio in an environment where the couple has fond memories. It may be the location of their first date or where they enjoy spending time with one another. You can choose almost any location for your engagement photo session, be it Great Barrington or Berkshire County.

Selen's Studio Experience

My portrait studio is my safe haven. It is where I can make dreams become reality. I have many different backgrounds and props. Located in Maidenhead in Berkshire, South East England, my studio is a place where I can use my creative talents and skills to bring out the best in each of my subjects.

My studio is a place where self-expression is encouraged and emotion is expected. I want to see happy tears and I want to see the pensive look of new parents who can't wait to see what the future holds for their family. I love my town love being Maidenhead photographer.

Portrait Photo Shoots: Why They Are a Valuable Option

Portrait photo shoots can be valuable options if you are trying to capture memories or want to give someone a special gift that includes beautiful pictures. There is nothing better to give a grandparent than a portrait of all their grandchildren. They are a great opportunity to capture images of the entire family together at one time.

The posed nature of a portrait doesn't mean the photo will look rigid or staged. I do my absolute best to create the perfect portraits that you and your family will enjoy for many years to come. The captured portraits of today tell the story of your family for future generations.

I also do Weddings!

Wedding portraits are important because they capture the pomp and circumstance that laid the foundation for your ceremony. The bride and groom, and all of the people who made your day special should be included in your wedding portraits. A talented wedding photographer captures so much more than just a pose.

Even though most wedding portraits are structured, I can take that structure and make each photo as unique as possible. My job is to help you make the memories you will want to cherish for many years to come. As a professional wedding photographer, I have a great eye for turning a traditional portrait into a beautiful work of art.