What to expect at your newborn photo shoot at Selen Photography

Parents with a new baby have many questions before a photo shoot. In this blog, I would like to go through what to expect before, during and after your photo shoot and aim to answer any questions you might have. I believe this should help you to be more relaxed and prepared when you come to the studio. 

I have been a newborn photographer for twelve years. My studio is located in the heart of Maidenhead in the Nicholson’s shopping Centre.

The newborn photoshoot takes two to three hours. During those few hours, parents have to do the occasional nappy change and feeding the baby, but don't worry, I will do the rest. I would like you to sit and enjoy the view of your baby having his or her first photo shoot. I will calm your baby and I have my own techniques to encourage babies to relax and then hopefully fall asleep. Most of the time I aim to photograph babies sleeping, however, not all babies will sleep through the photo shoot so in that case, I photograph them awake. This is very hard to plan beforehand, as newborn babies do not have a schedule nor a sleep pattern established yet. I advise that parents feed the babies just before the photo shoot so that your baby is then ready for a nap as soon as we start the photo shoot. Siblings and parents are also welcome to join in the photo shoot. We do have a strict no photography rule in the studio, therefore, we kindly ask parents not to use phones during the session.

Before the photo shoot, we will talk about your preferred colour scheme, we will have a look at the wrap and little hat colours so that you can choose what you like. I will then take many photos and pose your baby in many different ways. We will use wraps, props, hats, headbands, blankets, and many different little details - all based on your preference - and we will take some photos without these accessories as well. I have got many baskets, bowls and props, which I use to position the babies inside them. I will pick the best ones out of my prop room that match your chosen colour scheme most. You are also very welcome to bring any personal items along. This can be anything that was given to you or your baby as a gift, it can be anything related to your hobbies or jobs, and I will do my very best to incorporate these items in your photo shoot. My aim is to provide a beautiful variety so that you have got plenty of photos to chose from when it comes to your viewing appointment.

After the photo shoot, I book you in for your in person viewing appointment that will take place during normal business hours in my studio, a week or two after your photo shoot. The appointment takes about 60 minutes. You will be shown all your beautiful photos from the photo shoot and this is the time when you will be able to make your decision on which ones you would like to order. Prior to the presentation appointment, it is very helpful if you take a look at your wall spaces at home so you have got an idea of what size wall arts could fit there. In the studio I have got several sample wall arts, for example, canvasses, acrylics, framed, unframed, fine art framed photographs, and many samples of frame colour options as well. I offer digital packages and prints as well. All the pricing of my packages and additional products is on my website and can be viewed prior to your viewing appointment.