Jewish wedding days are often filled with beautiful and memorable traditions that involve both love and intimacy. The photographer must be experienced and aware of the unique moments in a Jewish wedding ceremony to be able to capture the key moments and exchanges throughout the day. It is my job to ensure these memories will stay with my couple and their family in the years to come.

The first most important Jewish tradition is the Ketubah signing, this is a ‘contract’ that involves the signing between the bride and the groom, in the presence of their nearest and dearest family as well as friends. This is a great moment to capture because it holds the specialness of the first few moments in private, before being exposed to the rest of the extended party of guests, leaving you able to look back on the quiet, special bonding ceremony before the big event.

Another vital feature to capture is the Chuppah, which underneath its magnificent structure is where the ‘magical moment’ takes place. Underneath this beautiful structure is where couples become one in a marriage. Not only do they look beautiful, they also have significant meaning within Jewish weddings, to both the happy couple, and the guests. It signifies that God is present, and watching over the special event, as well as showing ‘hospitality’ towards guests and visitors watching and sharing this moment with you as a couple.

Throughout the reception there will be many elements and traditions that are significant and special, and it is important to capture interactions and happy moments throughout the celebration, whether this be the toasts, the special words of love and admiration to the now bride and groom, or the excellent dancing that will be on display!

Photographing the blessing of the Challah bread is another extremely important occasion and as a photographer I will be sure to incorporate! The bread is blessed, and then portioned and handed out to the tables around, allowing everyone to share this special bread with the newlyweds.

The Jewish hora dance photography is one of the most exciting parts! Filled with joy and amusement, I will be photographing the celebrations and enjoyment of the big day that had been in process. Often this is where the photography is the most candid, as the pictures will show the pure happiness of the fun in session, with smiles, laughter and excellent dancing.

As a Jewish wedding photographer my aim will be to make sure that all special moments, whether they are small details, or big moments, are photographed in a way that means you will be able to relive this amazing day in many years to come. I will ensure that the photos of your special day are as beautiful as the day itself, and you will be able to long back on these memories fondly and remember the enjoyment of the celebrations.