Stanlake Park is a beautiful venue for weddings in Berkshire, offers picturesque settings and provides a romantic backdrop and Tuscany feel to weddings in Uk.

As a Stanlake recommended wedding photographer, I photograph weddings at Stanlake quite often but every wedding I have the same excitement as the first time.

Tucked away in Twyford, Stanlake isnt just a venue – it;s a gem where love stories unfold

naturally. The gardens and architecture set the stage for a day that felt refreshingly genuine.

My focus wasn't just on snapping photos but on capturing the real stuff – genuine smiles,

heartfelt vows, and the unique charm that Stanlake added to every shot.

The ceremony, kissed by sunlight, became a simple yet beautiful expression of love. Against

Stanlake's timeless backdrop, vows were exchanged, creating lasting memories.

As the celebration transitioned to the reception, Stanlakes flexible spaces allowed for a mix

of emotions. It wasn't about staged perfection; it was about real moments – laughter, tears,

and heartfelt toasts.

The post-ceremony photoshoot was all about exploration. Stanlakes grounds provided a

canvas for capturing authentic moments, from candid shots to the genuine essence of the day.

As the sun set over Stanlake in Twyford, it cast a warm glow on a day that will forever linger

in the hearts of those who witnessed it. Stanlake isn't just a venue; its a storyteller of love.

The team:

Photographer : Selen Photography

Venue: Stanlake Park, Berkshire

Flowers: Ever After

Perfume Jo Malone