Wedding at the lillibrooke manor

It was a beautiful sunny day at the Lillibrooke Manor on Zoe and Mike's wedding day. I arrived at the venue during Zoe's preparation. She was getting ready with her bridesmaids in the beautiful Cottage Room. A small, but rather characteristic little space that gave us a lovely backdrop to her preparation photographs. Since then, the Manor House has also been renovated inside, providing couples with the option for the bride to get ready in one of the beautiful rooms in the Manor House, while the groom gets ready in the Cottage Room.

I cannot say enough times how much I love Lillibrooke Manor as a wedding venue, it is probably one of my favourites among all the Berkshire wedding venues. It offers so many different and beautiful locations for photographs. While Zoe was getting ready with her bridesmaids, Mike was greeting the guests and awaiting the start of the ceremony with his groomsmen. While I was photographing Zoe's preparation, my second photographer took photos of Mike while he finished getting ready. His groomsmen and dad added the final touches to his outfit and they took group photographs of all sorts of which Mike had requested, and my photographer suggested.

It got very emotional in the Cottage Room when it was time for Zoe's dad to arrive. The door opened and it was time for Zoe to step out to greet his dad and son. Then tears of joy followed and they slowly started to walk from the Cottage room towards the Great Barn to then enter the Cloister Garden where Mike, his groomsmen and all the guests were silently waiting the beautiful Zoe's arrival. The weather was beautiful so the outdoor ceremony could go ahead outdoors in the Cloister Garden. The Small Barn just by the Cloister Garden is a perfect back up for a rainy day as the whole ceremony can be moved inside. It also gives a feeling of a small church type of wedding.

After the ceremony, we did the group photographs and some of the couple shots in one of the gardens. It is good idea to consider with whom you would like to have a photograph with beforehand. Prepare a list of group photographs beforehand so that the group and couple shots run smoother and quicker and you can then join your wedding reception sooner.

Zoe and Mike soon joined their wedding party at the Garden behind the Manor House.

Just before all the guest were starting to head over to the Great Barn for their wedding breakfast, we captured some stunning detail photographs of the Great Barn and the Engine House. Zoe has put so much effort in personalising her stunning autumn wedding. The colours of her bouquet resembled the stunning warmth of the autumn scenery. The Engine House is a stunning little location for setting up a personal little corner, just as Zoe and Mike did. It is also great for guests to sit their with a cup of coffee or a drink for a bit of a quieter chat. Children also thoroughly enjoyed their little secret location away from the adults. The Engine House also catered for their photo booth and their late evening buffet dinner.

Once everyone was seated, the new husband and wife walked into the Great Barn and wedding breakfast started. Lillibrooke Manor were serving a stunning Afternoon Tea. The tables were decorated to perfection too.

Then, it was time for speeches. They were both emotional and funny, filled with many personal stories.

The days are still long in the autumn so sunset was around 7-8pm. After the wedding breakfast, we went out to capture some evening couple photographs with Zoe and Mike. There is a beautiful big field just by the Lillibrooke Manor entrance, where no buildings are disturbing the sky and the stunning view of a sunset. I always like to capture some more formal and then fun and different couple shots.

Time to cut that beautiful cake! Just look at those delightful autumn colours surrounding the bride and groom. Soon the first dance followed too...

And let the party begin!!!!! Lillibrooke Manor offers space for a big dance floor in the Great Barn. The big MR & MRS letters lit up and the thousands of fairy lights running above the dining area in the Great Barn made it a stunning evening indoors view and a beautiful backdrop for those dancing photographs.

Once it got dark outside, before saying goodbye to Zoe Mike and the wedding party, we captured some more outdoor photographs. There was champagne, laughter, sparklers, and more laughter.

I hope you have enjoyed this little overview of a wedding at the stunning Lillibrooke Manor and that I was able to give you an idea of the potential of the venue.

If you have any questions or would like to customise and personalise your Lillibrooke Manor Wedding, please get in touch with me.