I have written this guide on the timeline for a typical wedding based on my experience as a Berkshire and Buckinghamshire Wedding Photographer.

Whilst every day is unique, a common question I am asked is what my typical timeline would be in terms of the structure of the wedding day.


Weddings are an amazing experience. They will almost always follow a pattern, but within that pattern, you will find candid moments that give you a glimpse into the love the couple share. As a wedding photographer, it is my job to capture those split-second moments. From as soon as I arrive to when I leave, I will be there to provide you coverage for all of the traditional photos as well as your special moments. I have quite a contemporary style with a mix of documentary and ‘posed’ coverage, however I would say my ‘posed’ work is of a very relaxed style. For example gentle suggestions of where hands should be in order to keep a ring hand dominant in the final photo.

TWO Hours Before the ceremony

I will arrive approximately two hours prior the ceremony. This will give me time to firstly photograph the wedding venue, before moving on to photograph the bride`s preparation. The moments when bride and her brides maids having fun, touching up hair and make up, the mum is helping her daughter, the first time the father gets to see the dress, and all of the detailed photos of the dress, the shoes, jewellery, and the bouquet, are all on my list of images. 

During the groom’s prep, I will focus on the interaction between him and his best man. A portrait of the groom and his men will be taken as well.

It tends to be a little more relaxed with the guys and very often these pics will centre around the bar!  

It is worth pointing out here that coverage can be dramatically increased with the use of a second photographer. I then go back to the bride and capture her when she is ready and looks perfect! Ideally at this stage I love to have have at least 10 min with the bride to create sensational portraits of her. Then a few more special moments with mum and dad before they give away their precious daughter.

 Fifteen minutes before the ceremony I begin to capture photos of the guests as they start to arrive. The groom waiting at the aisle with his best man, the décor, and all of the wedding gifts and other items that are located throughout the venue. It is during this time that I can begin to watch the guests as they are being seated to capture the glances and smiles shared between friends and families.

The Ceremony

The groom and groomsmen taking their places and the bride coming down the aisle are the highlights. From the first time that their eyes meet, through the vows, the ring exchange and the first kiss, it is the joining of two lives captured through my lens. As they leave the church as husband and wife, it’s those first steps that are so precious. Those images are timeless. One of my absolute favourite shots is mostly taken by the second photographer the Grooms reaction to the Bride walking down the aisle.

The ceremony takes about thirty minutes, straight afterwards the drink reception starts. Drink reception is usually around one and a half hours . That is the time when we take family and couple pictures as well as candid pictures of guests. I think the optimum number of group photos is ten to fifteen. Any more and you will start to get restless to move on.  I would still try to allow about thirty minutes for these traditional posed shots. I try to account for all of the different combinations so that everyone in the immediate family is included.

During the drinks reception, I will be taking candid photos, family formals and couple shots. As the family begins to break away, the bride and groom can sneak away for their first few moments alone as a married couple. The wedding breakfast is an ideal time for a few candid images. During the months where we have longer daylight hours I will often leave your portraits until after you have eaten, to give you more time to relax with your guests.

Entrance Into the Evening Reception

I am normally off then to photograph your wedding breakfast room empty and I will be ready and waiting as the couple enters the hall for their evening reception. Photos of the speeches, as well as the toasts, will be high on my list of priorities. I love capturing speeches, guest, brides and grooms reactions are priceless we can capture most natural pictures, happy tears, emotions, surprises and laughter. The cutting of the cake and the first drink as man and wife are also commonly requested photos.

If the couple chooses, we can take a few twilight photos before the party gets fully underway. I love using flash lighting to produce different effects. Twilight photos can be very dramatic and also poignant at the same time. These portraits will be some of the most beautiful of the day.

The first dance, the throwing of the bouquet, and the removal of the garter are festive times that everyone at the reception will enjoy. During the reception is when I can do some of my best work as a Berkshire wedding photographer. I am able to blend in easily with the crowd. This allows me to get those unrehearsed moments that make the day so special. capture all those little table details that you’ve worked so hard to organise. For me these are a really important memory of your day.

special Moments

Throughout your wedding day, there will be those one-of-a-kind moments that no one can plan. They can happen any time and anywhere. I have a knack for stumbling across them and capturing them when no one expects it. This is why I absolutely love my job as a wedding photographer!

Any questions?

My name is Selen and I am an experienced Berkshire wedding photographer . I love what I do. I take pride in being able to capture the moments that will tell your wedding story for many years to come. I would be greatly honoured if you would allow me to be your wedding photographer! Get in touch if you have any questions.

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